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Peter White ''playin' favorites'' (u. S. A. , 2006) @ [238k vbr]

06/02/2011 19:55 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)




(U.S.A., 2006)  @

Obviously this collection of old pop hits is aimed at the smooth jazz set, not the mainstream jazz crowd, and by its standards, it gets the job done with its carefully produced blend of shimmering atmospheric effects, spare horn charts, lite grooves, breathy female background voices--and, of course, White's ringing melodic statements, for which he should be called Mr. Clean--if he isn't already. The songs include Van Morrison's "Crazy Love, " Ray Charles' "Hit the Road, Jack, " Burt Bacharach's "The Look of Love" and Bobby Hebb's inevitable "Sunny." The guest performers include Jonathan Butler, Bob James, and Jeffrey Osborne. --Lloyd Sachs

Peter White created a very satisfying smooth jazz CD of pop and r& b standards from the 60's-70's. This is great "chilling" beachside music or a nice bookreading/relaxing evening with your honey. Although there are no big surprises in the arrangements on some of these classics, he does offer nice renditions of "lovely day" and "you are everything." Ray Charles' "Hit the Road Jack" benefits from a surprising bare bones treatment of guitar and bass only which actually highlights the fine melody and structure of that song. The down tempo bossa nova styling of Burt Bacharach's "look of love" is gorgeous and reminds me of hot summer night on a moonlight beach in Brazil. Hall & Oates "One on One" gets the smooth jazz teratment and is layered with soothing guitar riffs, horns and honeyed vocals. Sip your pina colada and enjoy!

imagePeter White's latest:

I own and enjoy all of Peter's albums. If I had to inject anything negative, the last two albums: "Confidential" and "Playin' Favorites" are just a bit too funky for my taste. My leanings are towards the earlier releases, smoother and more easygoing.

Alright Peter, now I'm not sure

about the choice of Hit The Road Jack, but nevertheless, you've done it again. Serious value for money. Folks, Peter White is just too smooth. Ok, no new compositions this time around, but as soon as the first note of the opening track hits, "What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)" you know this CD is alive. Great interpretation and one of my favs of many on here, topped only by "Deja Vu", which is pure heaven. Peter I know you read your reviews because you wrote one here yourself, so peep this: Stretch out your grooves a bit more-45 minutes is never enough of your sound for me. Peace.

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