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Next year of makings of bank of riverside hair Silicon Valley first half of the year practice

10/01/2012 05:40 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Next year of makings of bank of riverside hair Silicon Valley first half of the year practice

Bank of science and louis vuitton outlets technology of Chinese head home -- " limited company of bank of Pu Fagui cereal " had new progress. On the press conference that holds yesterday in Shanghai government, inc. of bank of Shanghai Pudong development (riverside sends a bank, 600000) Jiang Mingsheng of assistant president, Shanghai branch president expresses, prepare to construct in working to advancing a process, will be in by superintendency regulation next year first half of the year practice, will dedicated service at science and technology medium louis vuitton outlets stores and small businesses.

The data shows, the professional work that bank of American Silicon Valley begins in the United States includes commercial bank, investment, private reach international bank, fund management, broker to trade reach fund management to wait. Serving field of science and technology medium and small businesses, the equity that basicallylouis vuitton 2012 faces innovation company invests and borrow money.

Fang Xinghai expresses, animal farm is restricted at the system, riverside sends Silicon Valley banklouis vuitton wallets to cannot do equity to invest directly. Actually the bank is like the investment that hopes to have quality of a few equity truly if really, also can undertakelouis vuitton speedy through another means. E.g., and assure the company cooperates. So, cannot doing equity to invest directly is not a precondition. "According to the regulationlouis vuitton outlets of scope of business of current and joint-stock bank, riverside sends Silicon Valley bank to begin to return is a loan of foreign currency of be confined to. " Fang Xinghai gucci outlets says.

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