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Sjahin During was born in Amsterdam, in 1972, of a Turkish mother and a Dutch father. He grew up in Istanbul till the age of six. Then, his family moved back to the Netherlands, to a small island in the North Sea, called Texel. His grandfather used to be the leader of the second violin section at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orkest, his own father untill the present day is a violin builder. Sjahin failed his career with the violin at the early age of 6 and decided never to pick up any instrument again. At the age of 18, however, a major change took place in his life when he discovered the force and inner beauty of percussion music. The magic world of percussion became his obsession. As there was no drumshop to be found in the nearest 200 km, his father invited Sjahin to his atelier, and Sjahin thus build his own conga's, batá's, djembé and cajón.


After finishing highschool, Sjahin immediately headed for Amsterdam to meet his first teachers in the art of percussion. After dropping in and out of several schools, he made the decision to devote his life to the art of drumming.

In 1996 Sjahin won a grant from the Dutch Cultural Ministry and went for a period of a year and a half to Havana, Cuba, to study latin and Afro-Cuban percussion with various masters.

After returning to the Netherlands, Sjahin performed with various kinds of projects and bands; but soon chose his own path. He initiated projects and founded new ensembles, such as Yoruba Ilu, Bayuba Cante, TurQumstances and Tarhana 'nomads in music'. A lesson he learned from Irakere's master percussionist Angá Díaz was to learn the tradition thoroughly, but to let it speak into something new and truly of oneself.

After a period of 12 years of studying and performing Afro Cuban music, Latin, Jazz, Flamenco, Oriental, Dance theater & Pop music, Sjahin, felt the need of a new approach. To be able to play and create a different sound, rhythms, contrast, and a different rythmical concept, he decided to go back to Istanbul and study the Anatolian & Oriental rhythms, and instruments, such as : Darbuka, Bendir and Erbane (Daf).

Having studied and still studying with great masters, Sjahin, now, tries to integrate his new vocabulary into a wider musical context, and create his own sound and set up.

imageFestivals & venues

North Sea Jazz festival, Percussion festival Havana-Cuba, Nuits de Afrique - Montreal, Vancouver Folk festival, Rhythms of the World - Toronto, Halifax Atlantic Jazz Festival, Tradition du monde - Quebec, London Sunfest, Istanbul Akbank Jazz Festival, Babylon, ODTU Ankara, PalmGarten Frankfurt, Tanzhaus- Dusseldorf, Amsterdam Roots festival, Dunya festival, Music Meeting festival, Oerol, Paradiso Latin Beats, Amp Percussion festival, Bimhuis, SJU huis, Reiziger in muziek- TV, Concertgebouw-Amsterdam, Rasa, Melkweg, also performed as guest with the AfroCuban band Afrekete.

Más sobre

Sjahin did tours and concerts with in Canada, Germany, Belgium, France, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Cuba, Syria, Libanon, Iceland, Jordania Tunesia, Rajasthan- India and Holland.

imageWorked with

Arto Tunçboyaciyan, Miguel "Anga" Diaz, Pancho Quinto, Javier Campos Martinez, Martha Galarraga, Amalia Pedrosa, Papito Angarica, Stefan Kruger, Lilian Veira, Mark Lotz, Hasan Esen, Sibel Gursoy, Engin Arslan, Jos Machtel, Stefan Schmidt, Afra Mussawisade, Liber Torriente, Praful, Adrian Elissen, Gil Lopez, Michael Moore, Dick de Graaf, Bart Fermie, Mola Sylla, Jeroen van Hoof, Arnold Dooyeweerd, Caglayan Yildiz, Oguz Buyukberber, DJ MPS PIlot, Baki Duyarlar, Slobodan Trkulja, Borislav Petrov, Ozhan Acikbas, Alex Simu, Franz von Chossy, Dj Ishtar, Behsat Uvez, Martin Gort, Ernst Glerum, Ousman Seye, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui(Les Ballets C. de la B.), Aike Dirkzwager, Rene Groothof, Aynur, Egin Arslan, Suren Asaduryan, the Gypsy's from Rajasthan & Theodosii Spassov.


Cuban percussions 1995 - 2001

- 1996 Sjahin won a scholarschip from the Dutch Cultural Ministry, to study

for a period of a year and a half at the ISA conservatory in Havana-Cuba,

Latin Percussion.He studied with Masterdrummers like:

* Tata Guines - conga's

* El Panga - conga's & bongo's

* Javier Campos Martinez - batadrums, cajon Afro Cuban folklore

* Regino Jimenez - batadrums

* Michael Spiro from the USA - conga's

* Orlando Poleo from Venezuela - conga's

Cajon Flamenco 1998

- 10 days study trip to Cadiz-Spain for cajon Flamenco with:

* Christiano Constanzo.

Anatolian & Middle Eastern percussions 2002/2005

- Several study trips to Istanbul-Turkey, promoted by "fonds voor de podiumkunsten.

* Alpay Dinletir - darbuka & bendir

* Izzet Kizzel - middle eastern concept for oddmeters, darbuka, bendir

(framedrums) and erbane (daf).



Arto Tuncboyaciyan - vocalsAynur - vocalsMola Sylla - vocalsSuren Asaduryan - DudukHasan Essen - RebabEngin Arslan - TanburMurat Toraman - KavalAzzdine Jazouli -TombakSjahin During - Afro Anatolian percussion & vocals

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