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GUY LOBE ''SONANDOLO'' (CAMERÚN, 1997) @ [128k]

13/03/2011 19:40 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)




(CAMERÚN, 1997)    @

Personal favorite

Each person has his favorites, so have I. When it comes to Makossa, mine is already since 1987 the one and only Guy Lobe. Now I have just started this blog, I have to ask your attention for the fact that Guy's first record "Nko wanga" was released 25 years ago. For me a good occasion to tell you how I became hooked up by his music.

It was on a saterday afternoon in 1987 that I went to Brussels to visit the record shop Musica Nova. In those days this shop, owned by the Italian "Pierro" was the best place to buy the latest African records.

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The shop was overcrowded as usual on saturdays, with customers from various African and European countries. One of the special things in Musica Nova was that you could not listen to the music of your choice with headphones. No, you had to ask Pierro to play the record for you over the speakers in the shop. Because there were so many customers waiting, Pierro was constantly busy with playing small parts of various records, to give his customers an impression of the music they were interested in. So after a minute of Pepe Kalle, he switched to Kassav and from there to Moni Bile, Franco, Nyboma, Bembeya Jazz and so on. Then suddenly it happened, my head was blown off by a loud uptempo beat and a the very powerfull voice of Guy Lobe. I turned my back and looked in the face of Pierro, who was smiling from ear to ear while shaking his head. "what is this?" I asked him in my broken French en he showed me the sleeve of "Solitude", the new record from Guy Lobe. I new Guy's music already from poor (video) K7's but through these big speakers his music became something quite different for me and hooked me up completely. I bought the record immediately and didn't rest until I found his two earlier records, the already mentioned "Nko wanga" from 1985 and "Mon amie a moi" from 1986.


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