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Express member in ZhongGuanCun one belt collects protective fee by force by

08/01/2012 05:50 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Express member in ZhongGuanCun one belt collects protective fee by force by

The reportergucci outlets learned yesterday, after the express company that is in ZhongGuanCun area reports a case to the security authorities in succession, haidian procuratorate approval arrested " express Xiang Yu the Conqueror ", check just accuses its are suspected of provoke affray blame. Just accuse according to check, the person such as Li Mou of this case suspect is taken in ZhongGuanCun forcibly to express member collection protects cost, have the person that do not be willing to hand in cannot collection is express, still can beat up.

Li Mou runs office of a game inside Haidian books city before this. Check square accusation says, controlled June this year, li Mou gucci outlets store discovers the member that be in charge of the express of business of books city district, be in north of mouth of books city north collection of roadside of 4 annulus side road is express, everyday express amount is huge, li Mou thinks the kind that receives money in order to unite collects fees to express. Connect in Li Mou general then, explain, charm is amounted to, the express company such as suitable abundant comes about books city announces inside a restaurant, oneself should be for them in the shopping mall bear rent house of face of a door, each express company is in door face room collection is express, such express member need not receive money. But Li Mou setsdiscounted gucci bags at the same time, an express wants every collection give he is 0.3 yuan. Wen Ting of each express company, think cost is too high, think to hand in money to give Li Mou without reason at all at the same time, then in succession excuse oneself from his requirement.

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After a few days, the express when each express company member close in roadside when, li Mou was taking ground of get up on one's hindoriginal gucci bags legs of a few big fellow to rush, cry greatly: "Where home does not make money, cannot close here express! " because hear Li Mou has certain interest in books city, everybody dare bunt he, the express of company of a few express member dare not close. The following day Li Mou appears in the spot again, say to want to make money to his reckon by the piece again, cannot close otherwise. The memberleather gucci bags that arrange the express delivery of abundant express company did not succumb at Li Mou, in Haohai Lou Dong side received a few express. The person such as Li Mou sees state not by defend oneself general this express member surround cruel dozen, turn over its balance kick. Immediately of suitable abundant company calls the police, when waiting for a police to arrive, the person such as Li Mou already decamp.

After this, each expressgucci bags outlet company by force of pressure, accept a job daily to finish, be obliged yielding the requirement at Li Mou, everybody is respective collect money, give in all Li Mou more than yuan 5000. After making money, everybody thinks not to have a thing in safety from now on, but had not thought of a month, li Mou again with same argument, taking a flock of hatchet man to look for express companydesigner gucci bags to want money. At the beginning of September, after wanting money the 3rd times to each express company when Li Mou, express company reports a case to the security authorities in succession. Haidian police obtains evidence through investigating, wait for Li Mou the person to arrest. Checkgucci bags 2012 just accuses, the person bully such as Li Mou goes bully city, company of four intent express closes be bailed out

(Article origin: Capital times)

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