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(SENEGAL, 2010) @

Born in 1970 in Senegal, Diogal is an author, composes and interprets his songs.

Living in France, he has recorded four albums: Samba Alla (2002) and Liir (2004), both produced by Celluloid/Melodie and endorsed by FIP Radio, and then Li lan la (2008) and Urban Spirit (2010), both produced and recorded by Diogal in his own studio, "Wasia".

Diogal passed by many concert halls and festivals, in France and abroad (Chorus des Hauts-de-Seine, Primeurs de Massy, Jazz sous les pommiers, AfriCajarc, etc...).

He has collaborated with Loy Ehrlich, Daby Touré, Lokua Kanza, Wasis Diop, Louis Winsberg...

Latest news

October 2010 - Concert - Diogal celebrated the release of his new album "Urban Spirit" in the famous parisian venue, New Morning, on October 7th.

June 2010 - Endorsment - In his next concerts, Diogal will play on a "Lâg" guitar. The French manufacturer wins the hearts of guitar players all over the world...

Feb. 2010 - Award - Diogal has been awarded «Best Artist of the Senegalese diaspora» at the «Sunu Music Awards», in Dakar.


In his new album, Urban Spirit, Diogal takes us on a stroll along urban streets, through the city's daylight and nighttime rhythms, the connections that take shape between people, the paths that leave their mark... A delicate journey, sung in Wolof, pop-folk richly tinged with tones of Senegal.

Just like in his last album, the artist ensured all the arrangements and the production. The 9 titles of this album have been recorded at Diogal's studio, Wasia.

Released on September 9th, 2010.

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