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DIETA RAPIDA - Mejor Dieta Para 2011

29/03/2011 14:57 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Los millares pierden el peso con nueva dieta rápida Los hombres y las mujeres por todas partes están perdiendo el peso con la nueva dieta rápida

Los millares pierden el peso con Nueva Dieta Rápida

Men and women everywhere are losing weight with the New Fast Diet

PictureWOMAN LOSES THIRTY POUNDS! A woman in Rockford, Illinois lost thirty pounds in just 30 days with this Diet Plan. She had tried dieting for years with no results, diet pills, even surgery didn't work for her. She just gained the weight back and then some! She hated walking into a clothing store and refused to have a mirror in her house. When her doctor told her she had to lose weight soon or her heart would give out. she went looking around on the internet and found the fabulous New Fast Diet that everyone has been talking about. In just thirty easy, hunger-free days she had taken off all of her extra weight. Now, not only does her doctor tell her she is in perfect health, she loves shopping for new clothes in the "thin" section. She feels great and has taken up tennis as a hobby. Her tennis instructor was so impressed with her form that now he is her brand-new boyfriend.

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PictureNEW FAST DIET SAVES TEEN FROM SUICIDE! An overweight teen in Highpoint, Colorado hated going to school because the other kids made fun of his extra-extra plus size. He had to deal with ridicule and loneliness on a daily basis. Even his teachers made fun of him when he had trouble getting into a regular-sized desk. He went so far as to write a suicide note that his mother found. She realized she had to do something for the boy and fast! When a friend told her about the New Dieta Rápida, she knew that was the way to save her son's life.

After just thirty days on the diet, he was back to a normal weight and had developed in muscle size. Now the prettiest girls in school are chasing him.

Picture ENGAGED COUPLE LOSES A COMBINED SIXTY POUNDS! Rodney and Janice Card were in love but vowed they would not marry unless they lost a total of sixty pounds. Their engagement had turned into a long one and each despaired of ever getting married. It wasn't that they weren't committed to each other. They went on starvation diets, and paid to go to expensive "fat camps", but nothing worked. Then Janice saw an advertisement for the New Dieta Rapida. She tried it, and Rodney was amazed to see the weight melting off her body. Soon she had lost twenty five pounds and was healthy and attractive, but her love for Rodney didn't diminish. After they realized that this fantastic diet really worked for her, Rodney just had to try it. Thirty days later, he had lost thirty five pounds of fat and gained a rock-hard new body. They got their trip down the aisle and Rodney had the joy of carrying his thin new bride over the threshold..

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