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Chinese business is overseas before IPO decelerate in

30/01/2012 05:30 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Chinese business is overseas before IPO decelerate in

Report from louis vuitton outlets our correspondent (summer of Liu of reporter Li Lei) line of business of state-owend enterprise of before this year 11 the middle of a month is overseas appear on the market relatively reduced considerably last year, only overseas of 61 China enterprise 8 markets appear on the market, total financing twelve billion seven hundred and sixty-four million dollar, insufficient annual appeared on the market 2010 the half of amount and financing forehead. On the 11st when hold yesterday poineering investment and annual meeting oflouis vuitton outlets stores investment of illicit collect equity, the research center published clear section afore-mentioned data.

A gleam of of domestic and international much home achieves partner of fund of equity of agree illicit collect to express on annual meeting yesterday, western economy is general and fatigued and weak, add Europe debt beauty debt crisis, medium without exception the adverse effect such as bureau of disturbance, VIE confusing, line of business of the state-owend enterprise in making is overseas appear on the marketlouis vuitton outlets store online faced great challenge.

The upsurge that go to the United States is thought to cannot last

Encounter as a result of abroad IPO cold, the Chinese business that equity investment orgnaization supports is overseas appear on the market the amount glides considerably, only the industry that orgnaization of 21 equity investment supports appears on the market, in all financing 3.6 billion dollar.

Achieve greatly cast group president Jin Haitao to think, the crisis of Euramerican equity debt that erupts this year affected market confidence, cause capital market depressed, enterprise IPO has difficulty. He expresses concern to the foreground of IPO of future of abroad capital market, think short-term inside won't emersionlouis vuitton outlets online large quantities of China businesses are overseas the setting that appear on the market.

Before this a few years the IPO enterprise in American market exceeds above of half the number to come from China. Heart with capital virgin copartner Shao Jun thinks, chinese business buzzing with activity goes to the phenomenon that the United States appears on the market to cannot last. Overseas market just is assisted to Chinese industry financing and complement. From inside look for a long time state-owend enterprise course of study should rely on native land market. And Euramerican debt crisis can force enterprise and equity investment fund to value Chinese market.

VIE incident influence is abroad appear on the market

On the other hand, the disbursement that happens this year treasure equity transforms event, cause superintendency layer to think of mode afresh to VIE, VIE confusing bureau makes prepare to go to abroad the company that appear on the market and equity investorauthentic louis vuitton outlets are full of anxious.

The IDG capital that attends the meeting yesterday is virgin copartner Xiong Xiaoge, ceng Can and the earliest the company of structure of a batch of VIE is abroad appear on the market, include sina and Sohu among them. "At the outset the result that VIE structure is to attract foreign capital effort. " he thinks the director branch of Sino-US both sides ought to be in to this louis vuitton 2012 jural reach consistent, give the market in order to eliminate brought uncertainty from this.

Shao Jun says, ever had enquired inspect of evidence of direct and relevant section meets VIE pattern technically at this point the opinion with Department of Commerce. He thinks card inspect will be as short-term as Department of Commerce inside won't ban VIE mode, the formlouis vuitton outlet that also won't use one knife to cut approachs the firm that uses VIE pattern.

(Article origin: New capital newspaper)

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