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BANA MAKIS ''LEILA'' (TANZANIA, 1996) @ [160k]

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(TANZANIA, 1996)    @

This is one of the greatest East African albums of the last decade. Just when the old bands were fading away and being replaced by synthesizers and younger groups listening to too many outside sound (like Hip Hop -- shudder), a new album from the members of the Maquis Original restored my faith in great music.

Leader and vocalist Tshimanga Assosa started out fronting the hottest band in Kinshasa in the late 60s: Negro Succès of Bholen and Bavon Marie Marie, younger brother of the great Franco. After Bavon's tragic death in 1970, Assosa headed East and formed Les Maquis du Zaire in Tanzania. By the 1980s they had become the top band in East Africa, singing in Swaheli instead of Lingala, and renamed Maquis Original. Part of the reason for the great success of Tanzanian bands was the studios of Radio Tanzania in Dar Es Salaam which were the main venue for recording and broadcasting the music of the local groups. (Four of the Maquis' hits from the eighties can be found on MUZIKI WA DANSI [Africassette 9403]). Assosa left briefly to join Mzee Makassy in the orchestra that had one phenomenal album, AGWAYA, released by Virgin in 1982. He wrote their hit "Mambo Bado, " but when Virgin failed to promote the group and the album foundered, Assosa went back to Maquis. A succession of great guitarists passed through the band until 1994 when Assosa regrouped as Bana Maquis (or the Maquis Kids). From the opening notes you know you're home. The songs are brilliant; the ballad "Afrika Amuka (Africa, wake up), " could move you to tears. A timeless classic.

Bana Maquis - Leila 01 - Leila02 - Bana Maquis03 - Afrika Amuka04 - I love you05 - Famile Mabe06 - Nkana07 - Selemani Maini

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